About Us

The aim of our organization is to promote the appreciation and preservation of Ukrainian cultural traditions as a contributor to the development of Canada's mosaic culture. We pride ourselves in pursuing and maintaining our Ukrainian heritage in our dances, music and costumes.

What Have We Been Up To?

Throughout the summer we performed at several locations and events:

  • Women's Auxiliary Anniversary

  • Beausejour Heritage Days

  • Folklorama: Ukraine-Kyiv Pavilion

One of our instructors, Olivia Dubeski, attended a teaching workshop in Saskatchewan in August! Read the article below, written by a fellow Troyanda dancer, on what the weekend encompassed.

Contact us!

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E-mail: sdukrainiandance@gmail.com

Box 527 - East Selkirk, MB - R0E 0M0

Head Instructor: Mackenzie Klotz                  President: Ria Semenowich

E-mail: mackenzie.klotz@gmail.com              E-mail: r.semenowich@qkstream.com

Phone: 204-330-7372

Board of Directors


President: Ria Semenowich

Vice-President: Lindsay Wowchuk

Secretary: Christina Slogan

Treasurer: Mark Slogan

Fundraising Coordinator: Kate Moir

Recital Coordinator: Ted Kapty

Member at Large: Lisa Kordalchuk

Member at Large: Kelsey Shymko

Troyanda Representative: Adam Boychuk

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