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Our Classes

Classes take place on Monday evenings at Happy Thought School.

Classes available for children, teens and adults ages 3 years and up

Please note that all students are placed in a level by our Artistic Director.

An assessment in September is done on all students to ensure appropriate class placement.

Class placement by our Artistic Director is final, and based on a variety of factors including age, ability, maturity and technique.

Creative Movement

Ages 3-5 years

A fun and friendly atmosphere designed to introduce your little one to movement and dance while working to develop gross motor skills. For many, this is their first classroom environment, and so we work to improve listening skills and following direction. Emphasis is placed on maintaining a fun environment where little ones can learn to love to dance, while also developing structure and self control.

Creative Movement I is for 3-4 year olds with no previous dance class experience.

Creative Movement II & III are for 4-5 year olds who may or may not have had prior dance class experience.

All classes perform at our year end recital, as well as at senior homes throughout the year.


Ages 5-6 years

We continue to build on learned skills in Creative Movement. Gross motor skills are developed now and we begin to introduce technique and stage presence. Ballet technique and terminology is introduced, as well as Ukrainian terminology. Emphasis continues to be placed on a fun atmosphere, along with developing self control and body awareness. We begin to learn choreography and classic dance steps from various regions of Ukraine. Boys and girls will have separate time in class to work on gender-specific skills.

Choreography is performed at the year end recital, as well as at senior homes throughout the year.


Ages 6-9 years

We continue to develop our technique through ballet exercises and focus on improving our regional steps. We begin to build on education of muscles and how to utilize them properly in dance. Choreography of various regional dances is learned. Ballet technique and terminology is continued, as well as Ukrainian terminology.

Choreography is performed at the year end recital, as well as various performances throughout the year.

Intermediate & Senior

Ages 10-13 years

Focus is placed on technique development and stage presence. Choreography of various regional dances are learned. We continue to develop through ballet and folk exercises. Ballet technique and terminology is continued, as well as Ukrainian terminology. Knowledge of muscle-use, proper posture and how to take care of our dancer bodies is explored. Boys and girls continue to have separate class time to focus on gender-specific skills.

Choreography is performed at the year end recital, as well as various performances throughout the year.


Ages 15-17 years

Dancers are expected to be at a certain level of technique and performance ability. Focus is placed on muscle strengthening, technique, body awareness and stage presence. Multiple regional dances are learned, with choreography being performed at various events throughout the year. 


Ages 18+

Emphasis is placed on fun and fitness! For any previous dancer, or someone looking to try something new. Focus is placed on providing a safe and well-rounded work out while learning regional choreography and strengthening various muscle groups. This class has had dancers ranging in age from 18 to 70 years, proving that age is no barrier to dance!

Choreography is performed at the year end recital as well as multiple festivals throughout the year.

Costumes & Dress Code


Creative Movement - Senior      Girls:    Embroidered Ukrainian blouse

                                                                   White slip

                                                                   White shorts & tank top

                                                      Boys:    Embroidered Ukrainian shirt

Junior - Senior Girls:

- Red beads (3 strands)

Senior Girls:

- Nude bodyliner/bodysuit

- Nude sports bra (if required under bodyliner)

- Nude tights (footed or adaptable)

- Red Character shoes

The majority of the costuming is owned by the School and borrowed out to dancer's each year.

Dress Code

All students must adhere to the following dress code for all scheduled classes and rehearsals:

Girls:     - Bodysuit

               - Dance tights (footed or non-footed)

               - Hair pulled back off of face (bun or braids)

               - Black dance slippers

               - Dance skirt/shorts overtop of bodysuit (optional)


Boys:     - T-shirt (no hoodies)

               - Cotton pants (without pockets)

               - Black dance slippers


ALL:      - No jewelry (small earrings are permitted)

              - No gum or candy

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