Class Schedule


Classes take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings @ East Selkirk Hall

We have classes for children aged 3 and up

Please note that all students are placed in a level by our Head Instructor.

An assessment in September is done on all students to ensure appropriate class placement.

Class placement by our Head Instructor is final, and based on a variety of factors including age, ability, maturity and technique.

Dress Code

All students must adhere to the following dress code for all scheduled classes and rehearsals:

Girls:     - Bodysuit

               - Dance tights (footed or non-footed)

               - Hair pulled back off of face (preferably bun or braids)

               - Black dance slippers

               - Dance skirt/shorts overtop of bodysuit (optional)


Boys:     - T-shirt (no hoodies)

               - Cotton pants (without pockets)

               - Black dance slippers


ALL:      - No jewelry (small earrings are permitted)

              - No gum or candy

Creative Movement I, II, III      Girls:   Black long-sleeved bodysuit                                                                Boys:   Plain black T-shirt

Beginner I - Intermediate I      Girls:    Embroidered Ukrainian blouse

                                                                White slip

                                                                White/nude shorts & tank top

                                                   Boys:    Embroidered Ukrainian shirt

The majority of the costuming is owned by the School and borrowed out to dancer's each year.

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