Important Dates

March 23

Perogie & Kubasa Orders Due

Forms due in person

March 28 & 30

Spring Break / Festival Rehearsal


6:00 - 8:00pm ~ Adults

7:30 - 9:00pm ~ Intermediate


5:45 - 7:15pm ~ Junior Girls

6:30 - 8:00pm ~ Junior Boys

April 1-3

Manitoba Ukrainian Dance Festival

Schedule TBA

Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre

April 11 & 13

Perogie & Kubasa Pick Up

East Selkirk Hall

20191026-Matt Duboff-Troyanda-134.jpeg
20191026-Matt Duboff-Troyanda-450.jpeg

COVID-19 Updates

  • If a dancer has a positive covid-19 test, parents/dancers are required to contact the school via email ( 

  • The class will be notified of possible exposure if a dancer tests positive, and the specific class may be cancelled for that week. Please check your email, we will update and announce any cancellations by 4pm on Monday & Wednesday.

  • If your child is in a dance class with an exposure, isolation is not required per Public Health, but continue to monitor your child for any symptoms.

  • A sick dancer (with a negative test) can return to class once symptoms have resolved for 24 hours.

  • A dancer with a positive test can return to class following the completion of isolation, AND when symptoms have resolved for 24 hours.

  • If a parent or immediate member in the household is isolating due to symptoms, AND/OR has tested positive, we ask that the dancer remains at home and monitors for symptoms for the appropriate isolation period.

  • A sick staff member can return to class once symptoms have resolved for 24 hours, OR following their isolation period if testing positive. All families will be notified if an instructor has tested positive.