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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the dance year at Selkirk & District?


Classes run from September to early May, however, dancers are asked to participate in performances at various times throughout the summer. These performances will be based on availability, and practices will be scheduled to prepare.


When can I register?


Registration for the following September takes place beginning in May until classes begin. Please see our Documents page to fill out a registration form. This form can be submitted via email to our Head Instructor (


At what age can my child register for Ukrainian Dance at Selkirk & District?


Children turning 3 years old by January 1st of the new year can register for our Creative Movement class.


Do you need to have previous dance experience to join Selkirk & District?


Students will be observed over the first few weeks of classes in order to be placed in the appropriate class. Previous experience is not necessarily required!


What performances happen during the year?


We perform at local Senior Residence’s in Selkirk twice a year during regular scheduled class time for convenience of our families. The Manitoba Ukrainian Dance Festival presented by Troyanda is a mandatory festival for dancers aged 7 and up. Other performances such as East Selkirk Malanka and other competitions may arise for specific classes throughout the year. Our Year-End Recital in May is also a mandatory performance for all students.

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